So sophisticated for the holidays..

Two Words Help Get You Ready for the Holidays

These two words help get you ready for the holidays: Gift Cards.

Now is the time to order your next supply of branded gift cards.  Or, if you haven’t made this a priority in the past, October is the perfect time to offer your own loyalty, rewards and gift card program.  New programs that are set up by the end of the month will allow you to have your branded, private label cards in time for the big shopping opportunities this fall like Small Business Saturday, Thanksgiving and the Holiday Gift Giving season.

We have sophisticated programs, with options that fit your budget and give you confidence knowing you will be able to serve your most loyal customers better.  Offer them a way to send or give the perfect gift:

  • You don’t have to know their size or favorite colors.
  • Spend as little or as much as they want on the gift.
  • Recipients pick exactly what they want from your retail shop or what day they want to dine out.

TransAct offers you the ability to custom brand your gift cards and offers business owners multiple ways to enhance revenues.  The right gift card program serves current customers and clients, builds loyalty and brings in new customers who received your branded gift cards. This can be a real boon to the business whether it covers dips in first quarter revenues or creates the opportunity to upsell at the time of redemption.

Many gift card recipients – encouraged by trained staff – will add on to their purchase amount and spend more than their gift card value, bringing in additional revenues on top of what was pre-paid on the card.

If your business has a slowdown, like many do in the early months of each new year, the additional revenue from gift card sales now can help you plan and save, offsetting that decline.

Make sure that your business has what your clients look for in the next few months, easy to buy, easy to gift and super easy to make a good impression.

Not sure about how best to go about implementing a gift card program, or unclear how much inventory is needed, TransAct is here to help.  October is not too late to be ready for the holidays.

~ Mary Ann