Merchant Services for Medical Practices

High Performing Industries & The Payment Systems They Use

Here at TransAct we are always keeping our finger on the pulse of trends in the top payment systems and looking at economic development trends, in particular, the high-performing industries and the payment systems they use every day.

It was not a surprise to us when we see the same top payment systems we offer to our small and medium-sized businesses as well as those in larger brands, franchise systems, and organizations.


Payment processing for financial institutions and financial professionals includes a variety of digital and traditional payment methods. From EFT, e-check, and credit card payments, through payment portals and secure systems. Most use QuickBooks integration tools to streamline accounting and bookkeeping processes.

Health Care

There are many PCI and HIPAA-compliant healthcare payment system options available today. Many are digital, especially as patients are choosing contactless payment options, whether fees are paid by the patient or the responsible caregiver. Payments via secure payment link, E-Check, electronic invoice, QR code, and even text to pay are becoming the norm for both traditional and integrated healthcare practices.

Whether you manage a dental office, medical office, or holistic medicine office you should be looking at the newest options in credit card processing and merchant services to meet the demand of your patients.

In particular, integrated healthcare and payment processing has been leading the way in digital payments as many offer recurring, “membership-based” health and wellness treatments.

Real Estate

Real Estate and related industry professionals are experiencing a surge with low interest rates, refinance incentives, new home listings, and sales, plus the efforts associated with those activities. From home inspections to repairs and major remodels, it is a busy time for this industry. Even associations that serve the real estate market are growing. Many of these fees, expenses, and service costs are being paid via both traditional and digital payment processing systems that we experience and support every day at TransAct.

We offer solutions for collecting fees, payments for services rendered, one-time or recurring payment plans for larger repairs as well as auto-drafts of association dues via digital payments, e-check, EFT, text to pay, and more.

TransAct is here to support and guide you in your financial processes. Please contact us today if you have questions on what is right for you and your business.