Help Your Clients Pay You – Transition from Checks to Credit Cards in 20 Minutes

This spring, business is nothing like it has been. If you want to help your clients pay you – for the services you are doing now – make a decision to transition from checks to credit cards in 20 minutes.

Yes. That is all it takes of your time to make the move.

Maybe you are preparing their taxes, even though the deadline was pushed back. Maybe you are updating financials so they can apply for an SBA loan like the ones recently available due to the CARES Act or running payroll records to assist with their PPP loan that is now open for application.

Maybe you have started spring clean up, mulching and landscaping and mowing the lawn. As you know, the grass will keep growing even if everyone is stuck inside working from home.

Maybe their roof started to leak and you were there to repair it, right on time and saved the day.

Maybe their much needed home appliance stopped working. Everyone still depends on their dishwasher, refrigerator, range and washing machine – and they depend on you.

Your clients depend on you and the services that you provide, whether there is a world-wide pandemic or not.

You should be able to collect payment for services and not have a check bounce. Especially now. When you are there for them in their time of need.

Don’t wait. In just a 20 minute call, we can walk you through your options and help you move into a touchless, cashless, checkless payment processing system that will serve your business and your clients now. Call us today.