Credit Card Processing for Audiologists

Is Your Hearing Center POS System Friendly to Customers?

Consider this. Is your hearing center POS system friendly to customers?

Your hearing center payment system, aka your POS, must work not only for your team but for your customers too.

It has to be able to easily handle transactions and manage inventory, and it also needs to be convenient, flexible, and consumer-centric.

Hearing center business owners know that their primary focus is to help their clients. It is perhaps why you do what you do. Of course, making money is essential to the business; but at the heart, you and the best audiologists in the world become a part of your customers’ lives. You help them go about their day and you are the core to their successful routine – whether it is enabling them to do their work, live comfortably, or spend quality time with family.

Here are some quick reminders on how to make your systems more customer-centric.

Hearing Center Payment Systems

Committing to using the right platforms and technology will help you and your team of audiologists to better assist clients in maintaining not just their hearing, but their health and wellness. Reducing costs and saving time will making your business more efficient.

Here are three things we recommend:

1) Choose an easy-to-use POS platform – simple systems with online reminders for replacement batteries, regular checkups, as well as inventory management and customer schedule management are a must.

2) Service Fee Program – eliminate the cost to your business while maintaining HIPAA and PCI compliance too.

3) Digital Payments – from contactless payments to being able to manage auto-billing for recurring payments, you should consider email invoices and pay by QR code as well, rounding out a full offering of digital payment options.

A robust POS System and digital payment options are only part of this equation. You are the ones who are at the forefront of making a difference in the lives of your customers. Using the service fee program can help you save on processing fees and remain transparent with your clients on each transaction completed.

Now may be the best time to look into the latest technology, introduce service fee processing and set up monthly recurring payments.

Want to learn more? Just schedule a quick 20-minute consultation. We always listen to our clients and want to help them find the right solutions for their hearing center.