Going On Vacation

Are you going on vacation soon?

Business owners often can’t go during the busy season, so post summer, after all the kids go back to school, you should probably try to get away.  Make plans now, and get the business ready for your time away. It is easier than you think.

Or, if you are a school-year focused business, like a tutoring center or karate dojo, you only have a few more weeks to take advantage of the summer break. If you are gearing up now for fall enrollment, have signs up and you are just waiting for parents to stop in, make it easier for them and for you.  Online payment portals, secure, fast and customized just for your business are here for you now.

Regardless of when you can get away, there are many options that will enable you to collect fees while on vacation! (I hope that you are not forgoing vacation because you are unable to go too long without collecting revenues.)

You need a break.

You just need options that will help you stay in business while you are taking a much needed holiday.

Don’t wait to collect fees from your clients and customers – there are a number of easy to implement, low overhead and simple options that keep you active while away from the office, shop or store.  Things like e-mail links to pay an invoice, private and secure online payment portals, auto-pay services for recurring payments like monthly service fees or even payment plans.

All it takes is just a short conversation with one of my team members.  In about 15 to 20 minutes we can help you pick the right solutions to stay connected, up to date and with cash flow coming in – even while you take time off with (or without) the family.

Bonus! We can probably implement something even if you are headed to the shore for Labor Day. Why are you waiting – that airline deal is waiting for you, too.

~ Mary Ann