Go From 15-30-60 to 1-2-3 Days Using TransAct Merchant Services

How long is too long to get paid? You can go from 15-30-60 to 1-2-3 days after you create an invoice using TransAct merchant services. If you are using QuickBooks online, we offer touchless, contactless, and most importantly, easy integration.

We create a custom secure payment link for each client that works specifically for the way you want to collect payments.

Customers can pay via email, text, or online without having to come in to the office or mail a check. This has been reducing collections, eliminates the risk of bounced checks and makes it simpler for your customers, too.

  • Prompt payment turn around
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Streamlined bookkeeping

Save time, effort and money, this new service allows business owners to retain more earnings when every dollar counts.

Virtual payment processing is the newest trend, for real, on-site, (but socially distanced,) much needed services.

Whether you are a landscaper, home repair professional, HVAC contractor, painter or plumber – your work is essential.

TransAct merchant services knows how critical it is to have a quick turn around on a payment during any given spring and summer season. Now it is even more important.

Learn more in a short call. Remote installations are possible and you don’t have to wait any longer. Contact us today to learn more.