Face to Face With Clients and Customers – Why A Personal Touch Matters

In 2019, it is so very important to interact face to face with clients and customers – even though online, remote and virtual connections are easier, here are reminders why a personal touch matters.

Whether you are in a service, retail or restaurant business, conducting business in person can be the one thing that makes or breaks the relationship. Keeping that in mind, it doesn’t have to be all the time, but should be as often as needed to develop a strong, loyal following.

After all, who hasn’t had that moment when they thought “hmm, I don’t think they get what I am saying” – we have learned from personal experience that e-mail and text are pretty much the worst at conveying more than words can say.

When we speak to clients and customers over the phone, the nuances in a person’s voice can help you pick up on their mood.

  • Are they listening?
  • Do they understand what we are discussing?
  • Are they in agreement, or, will they be unhappy with the final product?

But, even phone calls are sometimes not enough.

Throughout the year, we recommend coming together in any way possible to provide a more personal touch and improve on the connections in business.

If you are in a professional business, it can be accomplished through networking, business card exchanges, conferences, continuing education events and client appreciation events. Spending time to travel to meet with clients can help you and them. You will be able to see what you haven’t been able to glean from calls or e-communications. They will know that you are committed to helping them develop their business or supporting them in their personal endeavors to accomplish their goals.

If you are in retail or restaurant, make it imperative for them to come into your business at least a few times a year, rather than just ordering online for shipping or delivery. Seeing the products in person, interacting with friendly staff can add more to the relationship than a virtual experience ever could. Plus, with the latest development of 3rd party fulfillment, you are trusting someone else with your customer but they do not always deliver on your brand’s commitment. In person, you can remind them how important they are to your business when you invite them to a special event in store or in your restaurant.

As the end of 2019 approaches, look at what you have been able to accomplish so far toward your plan for the year. Are you on target, or do you need to make up for a few slower months? Getting together, face to face might just be the solution.

If you need us, we are here, or in Vegas, Maryland, Palm Springs, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and lots of places in Greater Philadelphia. Where will our business take us next? You tell us.