Embrace 2017 with Confidence and Keep Your Business Secure

Are you ready for this clean, crisp new year where anything is possible? Are you ready to embrace 2017 with confidence and keep your business secure and growing?

I am certainly ready to help business owners do all of this and more and for a couple of days next week I will join several of my clients at their annual conference in Palm Springs, California. This is something that I enjoy doing, not because I will be in California during a very cold January, but because I get to see familiar faces, long time clients whom I’ve worked with for many years. Plus, in some cases meet clients who signed on remotely with TransAct in the past year because of the testimonials from their fellow franchisees as well as the confidence of the brand leaders in TransAct as a service provider.

Exhibiting at their franchise conference and having the opportunity to meet new, independent owners in a service brand is one that I appreciate. My team and I can answer the questions that keep them up at night. We can help them start the 2017 year by getting ready and starting customer outreach that is essential now so they can book clients and be ready to go when the weather is right for their services. This month, they can and will start booking jobs, taking deposits and offer automated payment plans.

To support their efforts, we work to provide services that deliver, consistently, fair pricing and a higher level of support than our competition. There is a confidence that TransAct will deliver, each and every day, every month and every year even if the bulk of their sales are seasonal.

When a service provider agrees to accept credit cards, they recognize that some of their clients like the flexibility to pay via credit. The ability to accept payments on line or over the phone give a sense of confidence to both the payer (the client) and the payee (the provider).

• When the work is booked with a credit card the business owner has confidence that the work is 100% committed.
• When the payment is submitted over the phone or online, there is confidence that the business owner will be able to schedule the team of field crews who do the work and pay them with banked funds.
• When the client is researching the service provider, they have more confidence that the company they have hired is legitimate and is large enough to be able to offer a variety of payment options.
• When the client pays the bill, they are confident that the work will be completed before they even have to pay the credit card bill.

By the time next week’s blog is published, I will be back in Pennsylvania and while I won’t have a winter tan (I will really only be in California for 36 hours) I will have the confidence that I know their goals for the year and that we will be there to support them in achieving them.

~ Mary Ann