Easy Merchant Services and Support

If you are looking for easy merchant services and support, you are looking in the right place. TransAct has always known that payment processing can be complicated, difficult to understand and confusing – seemingly almost on purpose.

Therefore we offer simple programs with a variety of options that meet the needs of customers, with the support and training you need as well as easy integration to back office records, inventory and accounting.

Variety of Payment Programs

From traditional payment processing in person, to digital tools including text to pay, e-mail payments, secure online portals, and recurring auto billing, TransAct clients are able to take advantage of the options we have available.

Our team takes the time to evaluate each business. We don’t need to see your current statements to make a proposal. Instead we take the time to discuss your operations, procedures and office support to align with the way you do business.

Training and Support for Onboarding

Even if you have had a merchant services account for years, we offer comprehensive training and support for you and your team. Onboarding is just the beginning.

We are  available for one on one support. No online tutorials that don’t make sense. Whether it is an in person set up and integration with the Point Of Sale system, or a virtual setup, we are there to help. As often as you need us to help.

In addition, we offer refresher training or new team member training throughout the term of working with us.

We know new things will come up, new processes, new requirements (like the recent PCI Compliance changes) and we are committed to being there for you every step of the way.

Simple Merchant Services Statements

Clear, online statements are available for our clients. These keep you aware of your account in real time. From transactions processed, pending deposits and alerts for chargebacks, everything is simple to read and easy to follow.

Easy is better right?

No more complicated multi-page, fine print statements.

Back Office Integration

With back office integration to your bookkeeping and records, our merchant platforms are able to help you be prepared for end of month, quarterly and annual reporting, taxes and records for your business. Simple connectivity to QuickBooks, inventory management and POS systems are essential and they are part of your merchant services account from day one with TransAct.

Scheduling a consult is easy, click here to choose a time and day that works for you. We are ready when you are to make this necessary component of business operations and finance decision.