Double the Love…Two-Factor Authentication

Earn double the love from your clients with two-factor authentication. Show them how much you care for them and their business, by keeping their financial data and identity safe when they use and pay for your products and services.

It is 2020.

It is Valentine’s Day.

It is time to show your customers some love, care and security.

No matter what systems you are using, be sure to create one more layer for safety for your most loyal customers and clients. With a second component of security you can be sure to trust the identity of your clients when they pay their invoice online, and they know that they are making a secure transaction. We are here to help protect your assets, your revenues and your business. You will be sure that your account with TransAct is secure, too.

That is how we show some “love” for our clients.

Want to learn more and how to activate this feature for all transactions? Contact us to discuss your options.