Do You Know…Text To Pay Is More Secure

We often find ourselves sharing information with colleagues in networking and the other day happened to say: Did you know…Text to pay is more secure than other traditional payment options?

Credit Card Processing Security

We take credit card processing security very seriously. We know that this is the lifeline for your business; for many it is the only way payments are collected.

Being able to accept credit and debit cards online instead of in person is a necessity for all business types. Retailers and restaurants who offer online ordering, pick up, and 3rd party delivery must perform remote transactions. Even service based businesses with in-person interactions need the option for a virtual payment. Card in hand payments are becoming less and less common.

Text To Pay Is More Secure

The methodology of a texted payment link creates more security. Rather than a traditional eCommerce or online payment portal, a unique and controlled access point is created each time.

Each secure link generated is different. In addition, the digital payment link expires. One-time use helps to prevent cloning, pfishing and hacks.

No Special Account Needed

Did you know, Text to Pay (also known as Text2Pay) is available now to all TransAct Merchant Services clients? This is an add on feature and benefit offered to all current and new accounts.

Improve Your Payment Processing Today

Hopefully now you know Text to Pay is more secure and feel more comfortable. Want to add Text to Pay to your mobile and digital payment processing options?

Reach out to schedule a free demo and update the speed at which your invoices can be paid. Make it easier and simpler for your customers to pay for products and services.