Do You Have a Plan? 2020 Is Just 8 Weeks Away!

It’s best to have a plan. So, do you have a plan? 2020 is just 8 weeks away!

We all make advance plans when it comes to vacation. We make plans for our budgets and sales goals. We make plans for saving for college or a big investment on our home.

What about the littler things, the areas of our business that just sneak up on us when we are least expecting them.

It is great to have someone (or something) to nudge you, reminding you of those areas of the business that matter when you want to take the next steps to grow. How you get there, is taking little steps each week, tracking the progress and hitting your milestones

At the end of the year, we know that lot of our clients are looking to improve their revenues and reduce expenses as they start a new year. Everything that you do now, and through the year, can help you get there.

A few small things that can have a big impact are simple, low cost (even free maybe, with the right supporting supplier) and available now.

• Do you want to add offsite, out of the office capacity to serve clients and allow them to book services with a payment? We can help you do that now.

• Do you want to add an alternative payment option, offering automatic recurring billing to reduce office paperwork and simplify the check out process? We can help you do that now.

• Do you want to expand service potential, garner a financial commitment while establishing regular, predictable revenues? We can help you do that now.

  • Win!
  • Win!
  • Win!

From adding blue tooth, chip enabled card readers to setting up monthly budget-friendly auto-billing and offering online payments to pre-book services for a new client – we can help you set these up now – before the end of the year.

Get ready for the new year and the new decade ahead.

Set up your business now to provide better client experience, while reducing staff time from chasing payments. Empower your team to be part of the financial solution and outfit them with the right tools for success in 2020.

We are booking end of year upgrades, scheduling training and support while and ordering equipment for upgrades that can fit into this year’s expense budgets.

Let us help you plan now and be ahead of pack in January.