Credit Card Processing for Retail

Do you have a comprehensive Point Of Sale System or do you have a POS?

Today your systems help make or break your business. So my question to you, my followers, clients, colleagues and friends – do you have a comprehensive Point Of Sale System or do you have a POS?

If you are a restaurant or retail owner, you should read more. (Heck, if you are a service provider you should read too, some of this may apply to your business, too.)

POS Systems and Security

In any business your processing must be secure whether you are processing credit cards in person, online, via text to pay or chip card inserted into your terminal or payment processing device. A best in class Point Of Sale System can facilitate this and do much more on the back end too.

3rd Party Delivery for Restaurants

Restaurants who offer third-party delivery often find that they quickly and almost desperately need integration tools. If you could aggregate your orders instead of processing individually from DoorDash or Shopify would you?

As you can imagine, it is better – more efficient and less time consuming – to consolidate multiple tablets from all of the third-party providers. You should be able to easily and quickly have these orders feed right into your POS and your Kitchen Display System (KDS) for preparation and fulfillment to your guests.

E-Commerce for Retailers

Similar to the food industry, but perhaps both ahead and behind the times in terms of technology is the e-Commerce platform processing systems. We find that many of our new clients come to us because they build a great following of customers in person, but when they decide to transition to online ordering they have to overlay another platform on to their site.

This typically requires adding a second processing system, or merchant account which can cost more in the long run and expose the business to being PCI non-compliant.

(Did you know you can only have one processing account for each business?)

Integration with Operations Management Software

While there are many that are on the marketplace today, they may or may not be compatible with your Point Of Sale System. So, the question is, what do you do?

The good news is…if you have a WordPress site, or many other fully-compatible website designs there are Point Of Sale Systems that will integrate all of this together in one place.

Integration and updated software tools will help you and your business to have a more PCI compliant business. What is even better, there is just one batch at the end of every day to track and manage your deposits.

You can pull all of your orders and pass them through to your system to track orders, manage fulfillment, track and plan for inventory, taking into account the seasonal fluctuations your business may have. Plus, your financial data is available all in one place and easy to access through reporting tools and QuickBooks.

What’s even better? All of this is absolutely more secure than having multiple order processing devices for your business.

If you think your Point Of Sale System is just a POS, it is time to re-think your tech. Your POS should not only be able to do more, it should save you money and help you bring in more revenues, too. Schedule a short consult with us to learn more about your options and find out if your current system is compatible and can be upgraded to the best in class solutions you need today.