Text to Pay Contactless Payments

Digital Payment Options Can Improve Business Efficiency

Many digital payment options can improve business efficiency – as a trusted advisor you can learn more here.

CPAs, Financial Advisors and tax professionals often turn to our team for advice. They ask how they can help their clients get paid faster, reduce expenses and improve business efficiency.

Review Financial Performance

Whether during tax season or in the ongoing support of clients, you review financial performance.

Many businesses in the last few years have opted to eliminate credit card payments due to rising costs. Yet, what we see are rising receivables. Payments paid by check now take far more than 30 days compared to a 1 to 2 day batch deposit. Lead time on check payments is stretching into many weeks, often, many months.

As you know, high receivable balances can make or break a business. “Cash flow” is key to being able to invest in business improvements, staffing for customer support and infrastructure. Waiting more than just a few days to get paid not only hinders business growth, it costs more in the long run.

As a trusted financial, accounting and tax professional you want to help your clients. With our partner program, we can help you, to better help your clients.

Digital Payment Processing

Review the latest payment processing tools available.

  • Text to Pay (Text2Pay)
  • E-Check
  • Secure Payment Links
  • Mobile Payment App

Each of these options reduce holds, clear deposits more quickly and reduce risk. Also, your clients can improve security while maintaining PCI Compliance.

You will be happy to know that custom solutions do not cost more. In fact, all of these features are available from TransAct no matter what type of business: home improvement, personal care, retail, eCommerce, restaurant, professional services and more.

What Payment Processing Options Are Best?

Contact us to set up a review of all the digital payment options available today. Your clients will enjoy the added benefit of your expertise. Help them save money and offer options to reduce the time to collect payments. Book a 20-min call today.