Did You Know…Facebook Might Pay You to Watch Sponsored Content Ads?

In recent news, we read something interesting… Did you know Facebook might pay you to watch sponsored content ads? It goes further than this, but some of our followers might be interested to know more, whether you are: an avid Facebook fan; use peer-to-peer payments through apps like Messenger, Venmo and Zelle; or, you are a business owner.

Part of the plan and modeling in development would allow Facebook fans to save accrued value in Facebook cryptocurrency that could be spent on merchants that are available through the Facebook network and app. Imagine, spending time, looking through your Facebook feed and earning money – no more “time lost” on the app – there would be value in this activity!

It has also been described as being similar in nature, to some extent, to Bitcoin but “more accessible” and “secure” (of these two features, we are not sure yet) the concept would start by allowing more ready access to peer-to-peer payment networks. Yet, really what we are reading sounds more like it would be similar to apps like Venmo and Zelle, which you may already know.

And…finally, for businesses who currently advertise on Facebook, it has rolled in a feature to allow users to watch video or sponsored content and earn “coins” for their time and effort.

In any regard, the concept is very interesting and shows that Facebook is looking to get into the financial world; going to great lengths to help Facebook followers find more reasons to stay within their app.

We are curious to know how you would feel about this… Comment on our Facebook page what your thoughts are:

1. Would you sit and watch ads in order to earn money in your Facebook cryptocurrency account?

2. Would you (or do you) currently transfer money via their current peer-to-peer network?

3. As a business owner, would you be interested in paying potential customers to watch your ads and sponsored content?

We will be tracking this story – and you can read more on Motley Fool about the 5 things you should know if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Also, stay tuned – we will share more information on the growing peer-to-peer payment networks in an upcoming blog.

Thank you for reading and coming back each week – we really appreciate having you here.

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