“Did I make a mistake choosing Clover?”

If you watched this video and thought “Man, I wish that was possible”, then you are in the right place.

Maybe you did make a mistake by choosing Clover.  No sweat, we are here to help!

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What We Hear at TransAct:

  • We were told the system was easy to use.
    • It is, but when we have an internet outage, we don’t have an option to operate offline.
    • We can’t process transactions.
    • The KDS printer won’t print and we can’t access 3rd party delivery orders.
  • It was simple to set up.
  • It was, but the training fell short of what we needed.
  • Some staff still struggle with the main counter unit.
  • The handhelds that we thought would be more efficient, sometimes take longer.
  • The equipment was compact, taking up less room on the counter.
    • It is, but the swivel screen is confusing to new customers.
    • Even repeat customers don’t know how to use it.
    • E-mails for receipts don’t “stick” and customers decide not to re-enter them.
  • Taking some positives with the negatives, the biggest of the complaints have been that the fees tend to add up.
    • Unfortunately, they add up to more than our clients were paying before they replaced their old POS System.
    • Even more unfortunate, there is still a lot of time left on the contract

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