The Importance of Customer Service in Merchant Services

At TransAct, we know customer service from your merchant services provider can make owning a business better, simpler and less stressful.  The importance of customer service in business is top ranked in any industry and has always been a core focus of ours.

We know that the payment card industry is confusing, so we have always been – and will remain – committed to taking the time to assist our customers. We educate. We support onboarding with software and hardware that we provide in addition to 3rd party hardware and POS system providers you have selected. TransAct offers training for owners, managers and all staff who need training – even years later when new team members are added. We spend the time to train those who have never processed payments before to ensure that revenues keep flowing into a business.

Why do we make ourselves available for live helpdesk support throughout the year?

Because some of the top issues that rise to the list of things that can go wrong, can happen at any time. In any given month we are helping our clients with:

  • Over limit holds.
  • Charge backs.
  • Errors in processing.
  • PCI compliance notices.

We want to help you receive the funds you are due, and not pay more for accepting credit cards, e-Checks or other digital payments in your business.

If you are looking for better customer service from your merchant provider, whether it is because they don’t answer the phone, they can’t answer your questions – or you are generally dissatisfied with their answers – give us a call. We are available to assist whenever you need help from our customer service team.