Critical Things That Will Keep Your Business Collecting Revenues Remotely

Besides staying healthy, now is the time to focus on the critical things that will keep your business collecting revenues remotely. We know you need to do this so you are able to pay your employees and keep the Internet on so you can work during this pandemic.

With many businesses forced to move to remote services, outdoor work only, online ordering and pick up at curbside – accepting payments becomes a bit of a challenge.

How do you take a payment from a client while maintaining the recommended 6’ of social distancing guidelines?

Processing transactions either touchless, mobile, or online are just some of the options available to you now.

The good news is that your TransAct Payments Admin account may already be set up to handle this. Don’t remember how to do it? Give us a call and we can walk you through the simple to follow steps.

If you are thinking that this wasn’t a service you opted for when we set up your account, don’t worry. We can turn that feature on quickly.

  • Mobile payments
  • E-check or EFT
  • 24/7 online payments

Contact us today via email or phone.

We are working remotely to support our clients, and ready to help the small to medium size businesses who need it now.

PS If you are reading this later, and it isn’t “today” – we are still here to help, as we have been for over ten years. We will be here to support our local and not-local businesses across the nation.