Credit Card Processing Could Save Health Care Industry Billions

An article published by is saying that electronic banking could save the health care industry $4.5 billion.

Implementing online healthcare payment processing is a remarkably affordable way to increase profitability. Accepting online payments from patients automates workflows, reduces paper, faxes to/from central billing offices and reduction of manual bank deposits. Patients can conveniently pay outstanding balances online, and physicians can easily collect and digitize payments made with bankcards.

Some of the advantages:
Receive Patient Payments Faster
Decrease Accounts Receivable
Accept Multiple Forms of Payment
Process Safe, Secure Online Transactions
Payment processing occurs on separate servers not practice servers
Increasing Patient Payment Collections

Patients who don’t pay in a timely manner have long flustered medical practices who devote key resources to payment collection. But demands for improvement from physicians and state governments, are forcing them to seek new methods for claims handling and payment.

As a result, physicians are gaining access to real-time Internet tools such as TransAct that securely handle electronic transactions — from bank or credit card payments. At TransAct we pride ourselves on the level of commitment we put on security. We are constantly educating, not only ourselves but also our clients, on all of the ongoing compliance regulation changes. We closely monitor our client’s needs by sending out questionnaires on their usage and procedures in order to ensure they are following guidelines. No one can honestly make a 100% guarantee that nothing will ever happen but we can 100% guarantee that no one works harder to keep your processing transaction safer than TransAct. Contact us today and speak to a knowledgeable account manager to design a program that fits your needs.