Credit Card Processing for Tutors

Cost Effectively Offer Virtual and In-Person Tutoring Services

Today, you can cost-effectively offer virtual and in-person tutoring services and should probably continue to offer both options to parents even after pandemic conditions ease. What makes this possible is the right software, scheduling, and payment tools. We can help make the entire process seamless.

While we know that tutoring virtually is not as ideal as in person, there are both tutors and students who can do this well. Making this process easy for parents – using a popular 2020 term – is essential.

When 2020 forced tutoring centers to transition to online programs, there were a lot of business owners and tutoring center managers who were used to accepting checks and in-person credit card payments. How to pay for online tutoring became a big question. Some centers adapted using traditionally less secure options, like phone payments via credit card. This ended up costing more in the long run and opened the door to PCI non-compliance.

Clients we serve added secure payment methods like Text2Pay, e-mail payment requests and e-invoices. Parents who still wanted to pay by check could use an e-check, too. With the tutor having the right systems in place, they would not have to take the chance and wait for payment by mail. (And, as we all know, even the reliable US Postal Service had the stress of the added volume of package delivery in the height of the pandemic) Even though this has eased, waiting to get paid by check is not necessary with today’s technological solutions. We know that providing services but waiting days or worse, weeks, to get paid is not ideal.

How Do I Accept Payments for Tutoring?

So, you may ask – can I accept payment tutoring remotely and in-person using the same tools?

Yes – and we make it easier than ever.

With the wide variety of secure, digital payment methods, TransAct software makes it possible to use the same software and technology no matter where your students (and their parents) are; at home or in your center.

  • Establish a process to request (and require) pre-payment before each class (or each month).
  • Send an e-mail with an invoice ahead of time.
  • Send a secure text with a payment link right before the session or the day of the session.
  • Request payment via QR code (this can work for in-person or virtual and will remain contactless).

Even if a payment is processed immediately prior to a session, there is no delay in getting paid versus waiting for a check to be mailed.

As the hybrid learning model is likely to continue with fears related to unvaccinated children, new strains and/or immune-compromised health, a tutoring business must act now. If you did not adopt new technologies in the last 18 months, delaying even further is a risk. You could lose students and in turn, lose revenues or leave money on the table from those who can’t be – or won’t choose to be – served by your business.

Schedule time at your convenience and ask us now for what we can do to help. We make it simple. We train you and your staff. We offer our clients secure payment portals for online payment, as well as a wide variety of digital solutions from QR code to Text2Pay programs and more. Make the change before fall and classes resume to be ready for what comes next. We are here to educate you on all of the options available to you so you can make the smart decisions that are right for you and your tutoring business.