Cost Effective 3rd Party Delivery Options

Restaurant owners everywhere have been seeking cost-effective 3rd party delivery options for years. The time has come for you to implement every tool you have to make sure that your restaurant is as efficient and streamlined as possible with these service providers.

Is your restaurant POS System able to integrate the online orders and send them as tickets to your KDS system?

If not, why not?

If you are processing online, 3rd party orders and collecting the revenues, but not importing these into your POS System – you may be at risk using a second (or, third or fourth) merchant account related to each of the providers.

PCI Compliance Saves Money

Integration is worth the time and effort. It allows your restaurant to become PCI compliant and reduces fees, fines, and non-compliance audits.

Once integration to the API is done, both your counter staff and the kitchen will be able to more effectively handle customers and guests to your restaurant.

We offer consultation – at no cost – to help you learn more about the options, decide what is right for your restaurant, and if chosen, install, train and support you going forward.

Learn more. We can help.