Finding the right POS System

Converting to a New POS System

When a business is converting to a new POS System there are a lot of important questions to answer and goals to accomplish. Some POS conversion concerns are related to cost, function, training and support as well as how much time will it take. All of these are probably weighing on your mind if you have been tasked with choosing a new POS System for your retail store or restaurant.

What will a new POS cost?

POS Systems and their cost can vary depending on the hardware you already have and whether or not anything can be reused. From tablets, to screens and receipt printers, cash drawers and cables for access to the network, there are a lot of variables that come into play.

Taking into consideration what you need and what you can keep versus replacement is going to be an important first step in determining cost. In addition, there are new advances being made in technology for transacting sales that you want to take advantage of when you install the new POS. Software updates can also be a solution and have a one-time cost or an ongoing monthly fee.

All of these factors can impact cost, but, today’s systems are challenging old norms and are more affordable than they used to be. Making the decision to migrate to a new POS System will have a cost, but will be a good solution for your business growth in the coming months and years.

What functions and features do I need in the new POS?

Think about tap to pay, Text2Pay and other consumer-centric interfaces. Be sure to have loyalty program integration and gift card processing if that is important to your business. Do you want to have a built-in CRM with email and text communications for receipts, order processing, and marketing? Another important upgrade may be adding handheld units for employees to better serve the customer.

We offer a variety of POS Systems that can reuse existing equipment. Most systems tap into a variety software applications that serve your business and make work more efficient for your employees (saving on expenses in the process!) All new systems should meet the needs and wants of your most demanding customers.

Is there training and support and what is included?

Depending on the system you choose, providers offer a variety of set up, training and support. How much help do you need is an important consideration in the beginning. Ask questions. Get the answers you need.

  • Is training online or in person?
  • Is support included, or is there a fee?
  • Is there support on site for initial installation?
  • What is the ongoing support?

Some offer live desktop support, others only provide an online reference library, but you may find options with live chat. If you need in person training and it isn’t available from the manufacturer, do they have local implementation teams?

All of these options are worth considering first. What do you and your employees need and how will it impact your business if someone needs help.

Keep in mind that TransAct offers in person and live support for any POS System we install for our clients. We know how critical a POS System is to operating your business. It is important to get it right and take the time to do it.

How quickly can a POS conversion be completed?

Change is never easy, but once you make the decision, you probably want it completed as quickly as possible. Plan to do your new POS conversion in a slower time of the year. While we all know this is ideal, but not always feasible. Plan ahead and make a schedule to convert to a new POS System.

Several of our recent conversions have completed in less than a week. Some were completed in just one day!

In all of these cases, advanced planning and discussions were key to that success. Everyone knew what was needed, shared their concerns for training, and everything was on hand ahead of time. Before we made the switch, security protocols were in place, teams were trained and employees had time to practice off line. Inventory was loaded, products and pricing was set up. Everything in the new system was tested and verified prior to the switch.

To learn more about your POS System options, look here. Feel free to reach out for a complimentary 20-minute consultation.