Be In Control of Your Calendar

Do you like to schedule your own appointments and be in control of your calendar? Yes? Your clients probably do, too.  We are happy to announce a new platform and booking system that is perfect for personal care and service based businesses. Booxi is the latest addition to the TransAct tool kit and we are working with spas, hair salons and other personal care service providers to be able to work both on the customer facing and employee side of the scheduling dilemma so many business owners face.

We love the ease of the platform and the integration work we have done has gone so smoothly that we just can’t stop talking about it.

It almost runs the business for you, leaving you free to do what you want to do.

We have heard that there are other, far more well-known – and to be honest, expensive platforms – out there.  They are GREAT for the customer, but we also hear they are not so fabulous on the business side.

Why make your life as a business owner more difficult for your own personal care?

If you are in the market to consider a new POS or scheduling platform, we encourage you to take a look at this one.  We can set up a Demo for you and just need a half hour to go through the options with you.  Request an appointment today and we will be sure to go over everything with you, including pricing, equipment and how quickly you can get on our schedule to set up the software.

~ Mary Ann