These 3 Cs: Consultation, Collaboration and Cooperation

These 3 Cs: Consultation, Collaboration and Cooperation are part of our approach and something that we are proud to offer to each client we serve. We don't want to be considered a commodity and we certainly don't consider our clients to be a dime a dozen.

Business owners who delegate and are looking for additional services are our ideal client and can benefit from our fresh perspective.

We never see you as a commodity.

We work hard for referrals, attend networking meetings regularly to meet and great new associates and to get to know clients before we are even having a discussion about specific financial issues.

It doesn't matter whether you are part of a bigger brand as an independent franchise owner, or you have designed and created your business on your own...every one can use a little bit of help and we are ready and willing to provide it to you as part of our services.


Through this approach and a value-added service, we help clients save money, reduce risk and improve the data collected through financial processing.  This helps owners evaluate performance, improve and create efficiencies.

Our 3 Cs are more than Credit Card Collections...and those who know this will be able to enjoy the benefits of TransAct being so much more than a commodity service.

If you are tired of being treated as a commodity, let us know. We completely understand.

~ Mary Ann