Congratulations CPAs Your 2019 Tax Season is Finally Done – Or Is It?

Congratulations CPAs – your 2019 Tax Season is finally done – or is it? Oh, don’t panic. We don’t know something you don’t, such as (even) more work coming to you. What we do know – and understand clearly – is the reality of business. We know that bookkeeping, accounting, and paying taxes never ends.

Now that the end of 2019 is finally complete, filed, and paid to the treasury, it is your turn. We are hoping you can finally take a break.

If only you could really go and enjoy a vacation. We know that even if you have a great place to go, you probably can’t go away for too long. Your next task is to either start billing for work completed, or, collect the fees that have already been invoiced.

How are CPA firms, tax preparers and bookkeepers going through this process this year? It isn’t paper checks – at least not as much as it used to be.

We can share our experience and we have had several professional services clients including CPAs, accounting firms, Enrolled Agents and tax preparers who have made the switch to digital payment methods. They are using E-checks, EFT & ACH (although those don’t really save too much on fees). For the most part we are seeing the use of digital check processing that keep fees and expenses low, while offering contactless yet timely payments for their clients to complete the season and (finally) get paid.

Read more here about digital payment options that allow you to seamlessly invoice accept payment and book revenue to finally complete your 2019 tax season.

If you are ready now, simply schedule an appointment with us. Or, contact us and let us know how we can help you update your payment processing systems to improve revenue collection in 2020.