Collect Payments Anywhere

The other day, I had to leave home before my handyman showed up. Leaving my college aged son at home to wait was not the problem, not knowing how much the service fee was going to be was the issue. I had to write a check… Really. They don’t accept credit cards! (I know, I was shocked, too but believe me, I will be talking to the owner when I see him again!)

At my company, we have so many solutions that make accepting field service payments easier, yet many service based companies still don’t accept credit cards. From landscapers to painters and, yes even handyman service providers!! Those companies who do work on-site can really take advantage of what TransAct offers. It is a real boon to business owners to be able to collect payments on-site, e-check or via recurring payment agreements.

We offer many solutions whether you, as the owner are in the field or your techs and field crews are at your client’s homes and businesses. Never worry about checks being lost in the truck, or cash not making it back to you again.*

From tablets and smart phone solutions to “no equipment necessary” options we can put together the right processing solution for you and your crews to collect payments anywhere you go. Yes. Even out in the field.

~ Mary Ann

PS *Yes, one of the clients who signed on with us last season told me an embarrassing story of how he was calling customers to complain that they didn’t pay their invoice, only to find out that an employee hadn’t passed on the payment to him. Don’t let this happen to you, too!