Checks, Credit Cards and Cash – Are There Other Choices?

Checks, Credit Cards and Cash – Are There Other Choices?

Yes! There are many more options than the 3 C’s today.

Plus, all of these options allow clients and customers to pay for services, products and expenses today – and most of them are faster than you think.

Many established businesses are starting to create options for their younger, hipper (can we say that?), and savvier clients. Many Millennials don’t carry checks and people of most any age stopped carrying cash with the advent of the ATM machine and the debit card a couple decades ago.

Beyond paying with the 3 Cs, there are digital currencies, a plethora of emerging cryptocurrencies, the personal peer-to-peer options like Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, Facebook’s Messenger – as we shared with you in our May Blog – Do You Venmo? as well as the option to accept ACH, EFT, e-checks and online secure payments through a portal on your website (or sent via e-mail.)

Don’t fall into the situation where your accounts receivables are growing because someone doesn’t have access to the methods of payment you currently accept. The speed of business and methods of payments are growing every day and we can help you choose which options are the best for your business. Don’t try to squeeze them into just the 3 C’s, there are tons of choices today beyond cash, credit and checks…I mean, especially that last one – who uses checks anymore?