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Chargebacks, Failed Transactions and Delayed Batch Deposits

In your business, have you ever experienced chargebacks, failed transactions, and delayed batch deposits?

Each one, in and of itself is frustrating.

Not knowing how to resolve, immediately, is seemingly the end of the world.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have live customer service and a real person to help.


Read our summary of how to fight a chargeback, and learn how to avoid false chargebacks in the future. You can retain the funds due to your business if you use our advice to do so.

Failed Transactions

Do you have automated, recurring billing set up in your business? Or, do you run a number of bulk transactions and then batch them out at the end of the day, only to find out that some of them failed days later?

This is a common occurrence for businesses that process a larger number of transactions or run subscriptions, memberships, and repeat charges to clients and customers.

It may be your processor, or it may be software in place. In either case, a third party review from TransAct might be a good idea this month.

We recently helped a client who was experiencing several hundred failed transactions in a month, by automating their process with updated software. Helping them fix the process recovered thousands of dollars that would normally have needed countless hours of manual processes to recoup.

Delayed Batch Deposits

Depending on how systems are initially set up, you could be experiencing unnecessary delays in your batch deposits.

We find that many new clients come to us for assistance in this area. With a former payment processing provider, they may have relied on a remote vendor for setup.

We find that time-zone issues, network errors, I/P security mismatch, and other issues can crop up. Addressing the setup of the back end of their account can help to correct these issues once and for all.

All of these topics, and more, are part of our everyday service and support for all TransAct Merchant Services clients.

We know that every transaction, no matter how big or small, counts. Make sure that your hard work is rewarded…and don’t let batch fails, chargebacks or even a delay in processing affect your business this year.

When you choose TransAct, you have access to our concierge level of services without paying more for payment processing. Our dedicated team is ready to help you evaluate what you are looking for and what you need in your next merchant services provider.

Each day you go with a less than supportive provider is another day too long. Schedule a one-on-one, free consult today.