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Celebrate Women Owned Businesses-Not Just in March

At TransAct we celebrate women owned businesses-not just in March, but every single day! As a woman owned business founded nearly 20 years ago, we help independent and franchise business owners with financial management, payment processing, and everything else related to merchant services.

How is TransAct Merchant Services different?, we asked our founder, Mary Ann Robinson:

We know one size does not fit all.

Every Day Payment Processing

From the day-to-day transactions to the recurring, auto payments there is not just one way to do it right. As technology continues to change we adapt to offer a variety of options that are tailored to each business. Our team helps to not only educate the business owner; we craft the ideal solution to help each unique business succeed.

Whether just starting out, or looking to reduce expenses and offer more options to customers, business owners can trust that TransAct will be transparent and supportive. The team goes through the way your business operates to learn the important roles of employees, managers and owners.

New Business Startup

  • What are the processes you have in the store, online, at your restaurant or for service based business?
  • Does a financial skill set exist in-house, or does a third party accountant or bookkeeper need to fill a role?
  • Do you have family working with you whom you trust or do you need to put security measures in place for refunds and discounts?
  • We offer a comprehensive set of features for credit card transactions debit card processing, EFT/ACH or text to pay.
  • Did you know you can fight a chargeback for a valid customer transaction?
  • How will you have all required PCI standards covered?

Out of the box solutions where every cutting edge option is offered. You are able to choose the most efficient and effective for your business.

Customized Payment Solutions

Taking the time to get it right the first time is essential to your business. We…

  • keep it simple
  • educate you so there is clear understanding of not just what, but why something happens
  • help you become the most savvy business owner in your community

This gives you the confidence to become successful and perhaps even a mentor to others.

You want the right answers from someone you can trust. Get them here (without even asking.) We get it…and we understand you. All of us here are happy to celebrate woman owned businesses! Schedule a one on one call today, we will discuss your business, answer your questions and help you make an educated decision.