Celebrate Women’s Business Day

This year, more than ever we need to celebrate Women’s Business Day even though it happens on a weekend.


Why not.

Every business owner knows that you don’t take a break from your business. Even on the weekends. Even on the holidays. Even on vacation.

Statistics from 2018 report on women owned businesses show that there has been an increase in the numbers since last year (and every year since 1972) growing faster than any other demographic.

  • 3 million of 11.6 million firms are owned by a woman
  • Over 9.2 million people are employed by these businesses
  • Woman owned businesses represent $1.8 Trillion in annual sales

Furthermore, the rate at which these businesses are opening is outpacing all other businesses: 4.1% vs all others at 1%.

We hope you have a very happy Saturday and wish someone you know a Happy Women’s Business Day. Whether you are a woman who owns a business, want to own one, or appreciate those women who own a business – like me – it is a day to celebrate indeed.

~ Mary Ann

Resources to learn more:

American Express Open website

NAWBO website

Plus, you can always reach out to your team at TransAct.