Cash or Credit

I can hear it in the back of my head…”cash or credit?” Something that was part of everyday life in many businesses as they started to accept cards in the 70s, 80s and 90s. I am surprised though when I go somewhere and they only accept cash. Then, I have to wonder how many of these business owners take a moment to look at their customers and ask the question, “should I accept credit cards?”

It is a decision only you can make and here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

– Are my competitors accepting credit cards?
– Would people spend more if I offered credit cards as a method of payment collection?
– Am I losing potential customers who only pay with credit or debit cards?
– Would accepting credit cards add credibility to my business?

If you answered yes to any on of these questions, adding payment processing options may be right for your business.

We always help review the exact needs for a business owner before implementing a solution and a simple conversation can start the process. With TransAct there is never a contract, so if you decide it isn’t right for you, it’s no problem. We are here to help our clients have more success and business growth – when you are ready, let’s chat.

~ Mary Ann
PS I know that I am a bit biased, but I rarely carry cash and I really like those fancy little coffees every once in a while. So do a lot of people. Call me and I will stop by to see you, soon.
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