Is Your Business Personal?

In many small to medium sized businesses, the entire customer interaction is personal to someone. Is your business personal enough to create those valuable customer interactions?

Maybe you said no. Maybe you said yes. Maybe you don’t believe this is true, but I believe that it is…and so important to the climate of today’s business.

Sometimes, it is the owners who engage with their employees, other times it is the impact on the local community.  Perhaps it is the role a business, a retailer, a restaurant or a service based company – as a brand, has with their customers.  Why would a customer spend money with a company unless it made them feel better? To that customer, it most certainly is personal, otherwise, they would go to the lowest priced option. (Maybe you are the lowest price option AND you make them feel good about that. Those two characteristics are not mutually exclusive.)  Or, it could be close proximity (location/location/location), it could be favorite products, or preferred service standards… all of these are important to the end user.

Every touch, every transaction and every payment – is personal.

Stop looking at the Point-of-sale. Look at the customer. Shake their hand. Come out from behind the counter and interact with them.

Small gestures such as word of appreciation, vocalization of thanks, taking a moment to go the extra step – each of these make the business more personal in the experience.

Creating an experience for the customer that is positive, upbeat, fun, exciting brings customers back time and time again.

Getting to know customers, who they are, what are their dreams, why are they doing what they do – all make it so much more enjoyable. For them – AND – for you. After all, why else are you doing this thing called work, day in and day out?

Make it easy for them to pay for their services, their products – whether it is gift cards, loyalty programs or the latest technology: online payments, texting reminders, e-mailing invoices. All are helpful and beneficial – they actually create time to make the other interactions more powerful through the one-on-one connections.

Every business in the country should be in business to help earn a living, make money and help others – making that experience unique takes extra effort – but it is easier than you think.

No matter how you approach your business, know that the way TransAct approaches yours is personal. We make time for our clients, we inquire what is truly needed, what will make a positive impact and how we can help. We want you to be more successful after working with us. Our team cares and we appreciate you.

Here’s to a great 4th quarter in your business…let’s make it more personal and connect to make sure that 2018 will be a great year for you, your team and your clients, customers and guests.  Let us know how we can help.

~ Mary Ann