Bring Your POS Into the Future

Do you need to bring your POS into the future, or at least update systems to come into present day? Here are some components that meet the latest best practices when it comes to Point Of Sale Systems for retailers, restaurants and service providers.

Add Contactless Card Readers

This is probably the most innovative change that has come to the industry in the last few years, and it wasn’t even because of Covid. It was just a new emerging technology called NFC or Near Field Communication that happened to be emerging as the pandemic came to the US. Whether the customer is using a credit card that is updated to allow “Tap to Pay”, they want to use their smart phone or digital wallet the option is theirs.

This new technology also helps reduce wear and tear on the card readers and speeds up transactions.

  • Less maintenance
  • Meets customers need for safe and easy transaction
  • Still secure and PCI compliant

Update to Digital Receipts

If your current system does not allow for digital receipts being sent via e-mail or text, you have to update this. Not only does the customer want less paper, they want the ability to track their spending online, on their phone or via e-mail.

This option also helps your business with marketing and outreach for follow up, requesting a review or testimonial , plus adds the ability to promote new products and services.

  • Enhances loyalty
  • Improves speed of the transaction
  • Makes customers happier

Improve Security

Using the tap, contactless or wireless payment option is actually more secure by eliminating the capture of the credit card number by the processing terminal or device. The payment is always processed using encryption that is PCI compliant and with card limits, can reduce the risk of fraud saving your business money in the long run.

Better security is always one of our recommendations, so if for no other reason, you may choose to update your terminal and bring your POS into the future.

  • Limit risk and exposure to fraud
  • No storage of card numbers by the terminal
  • Encrypted transactions

Learn more about updating your POS and bringing the payment processing systems you use into the standards for the future. Reach out book a call today to see what the options are with your current equipment.