Ready for Black Friday and Chip Card Customers

Are you ready for Black Friday and Chip Card Customers? Help customers have a better retail experience with these Simple TransAction Tips for your team.

Remind your team (some of them may be new for the holiday season but the more tenured team members may benefit from a simple reminder.) Even as repeat customers and new customers pay their bill, here are three quick things they can say:

  1. Are you paying with credit today? You can say the brands you accept, especially if you accept all 4 card brands including Amex and Discover.
  2. Great – Chip cards go in the bottom / no chip, just swipe as you have before (on the top/right side – which ever is right for your machine.) If they insert the chip – “it will just take a few seconds and then once the screen updates you can remove the card”.
  3. Debit card – enter pin and hit the green button. When the total appears on the screen hit the green button on the LEFT or RIGHT (your team should say whatever direction is correct depending on the POS system you use.)

We know it sounds basic, but during the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season kick started with Black Friday and pre-holiday sales, many people complain about the delays in checking out at the register. These three short and simple scripts can help your team interact with the customers in a more personal way.  Make sure that they are helping the customer, without being condescending or curt, process and pay more quickly.

If you have other questions on how your customers may be able to have a better buying experience with or without chip cards, please ask. Just send us a quick e-mail and we will get right back to you.

~ Mary Ann

PS Visa has more tips on their site. No matter what cards you accept, get ready for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the holidays. Make the most of face-to-face interactions with each customer this holiday season.