Best Touchless Payment Systems for Your Business

At the beginning of 2020, no one would have thought we would need to implement touchless payment systems, but here we are, and they are a staple now. If you have not made the move yet, or have only implemented a few digital payment solutions, here are our recommendations for the best touchless payment systems for your business.

You want to be able to offer a variety of touchless payment options to customers of your retail or restaurant business, clients of your service-based business, as well as e-Commerce customers who are shopping online. If you are not running a full-blown Point of Sale System, then the upgrade may be a little bit more involved, but still easy and quick to implement.

Mobile Wallet App

Many of your customers may be using a mobile wallet app so you should have a terminal that will accommodate Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay (among others.) These nearly ubiquitous technology solutions allow people to connect their preferred card whether it is credit, debit, or loyalty for card payments in the US and internationally. If they choose, they can even authorize their bank account and in some cases gift cards on the user’s app to make payments at your place of business.

While Apple and Google, at the time of this blog post, use NFC or near field communication, with Samsung the user must physically tap their device on the app compatible terminal. Although it is not 100% contactless, it is nearly there and makes people feel safer and more secure than handing over a card to a person behind the counter.

Touchless Payment Options

Beyond the touchless payment options for in-person transactions, mobile apps are friendly to customers using a compatible retail app or online shopping too. You will want to make sure that your e-Commerce is just as robust as your face-to-face transactions.

Going above and beyond Text2Pay and e-mailing an invoice with a secure payment link, touchless credit card processing makes the need to take a card out of a wallet obsolete after it is connected to the app. Even if someone is home, either shopping from their couch or paying their bills, they use their phone more than any other technology.

Mobile Payment Processing

Swipe, wave, or tap to pay, makes mobile payment processing easier for your customers, has less wear and tear on your equipment, uses fewer paper receipts, and streamlines the checkout process for your team – not just your customers.

Customers are getting more comfortable with digital payment options. They never go anywhere without their phone or smartwatch and the adoption of this is likely to be faster than those who just opted to simply go cashless and pay for everything with a credit card.

If you are not offering them choices to pay the way they want to pay…you may be forcing them to make another choice.

You have to have the right equipment in place or risk losing customers.

While we recommend a number of Point of Sale Systems, those that make it to the top of our list are because of their touchless options, e-Commerce integration tools, training, and support, as well as being PCI compliant. POS Systems like LightSpeed and Shopify are among the best, but we can work with all major systems and help you evaluate what is needed to offer touchless payment methods that work for your customers and your business alike.

Contact us today to be on the cutting edge of all digital and mobile payment processing. Just one solution is not enough anymore.