Funeral Home Credit Card Processing

Best Payment Solutions for Funeral Homes

As the industry continues to change, reviewing the best payment solutions for funeral home owners, managers, and funeral directors is important. Your business is focused on helping people when they are vulnerable and you should be able to pay attention to their emotional needs and still maintain profits.

The team at TransAct has been working with funeral directors in the last few years to help them make educated decisions about payment processing options that retain as much revenue as possible while showing how much you care for your clients.

In today’s climate, the three areas that should be considered and evaluated include digital payment options, e-commerce solutions tailored to your business, and service fee programs.

Offer Digital Payment Options for Funeral Arrangements

There are many ways to streamline the processing of a payment for clients who are making funeral arrangements. Many funeral homes are using options such as text to pay, emailed invoices, and pay by QR code. All of these are fast, easy, contactless, and address security standards for the business owner.

In addition, this takes the awkward moment of asking the grieving family for payment when services have not been completed. While payment ahead of time is often the standard and acceptable practice, this allows the family to make the emotional decisions, while leaving the payment for services a private time at home.

E-Commerce Solutions for Funeral Homes

Whether you want to offer pre-payment for services or online options to pay for arrangements, the choice is yours. There are many easy to implement, e-commerce solutions that work with older websites and platforms.

TransAct API and plug-ins help the funeral home business owner to maintain a professional appearance, secure payment processing, and offer easy click-to-pay options.

Is a Service Fee Program Good for Funeral Costs?

The question raised to us most often is whether or not the credit card processing costs can be passed on to the client. The answer is, in most states, yes.

However, there are several steps to take to remain compliant with credit card industry standards, PCI regulations, and best practices.

Using a Service Fee or “Convenience Fee” program can take the burden of the extra expense off of the business itself, reducing overhead expenses and improving margins.

No matter where you are in your business life cycle—a well-established funeral director, recently merged into a larger brand of funeral homes, or just starting out—there are many important steps to take to make sure that you are maximizing your retained earnings from your business. We always work one on one with each client to ensure that each component of a payment processing program is right for the business. Contact us today to schedule a brief conversation on how TransAct can help you.