Credit Card Processing for Roofers

Best Payment Processing Options for Roofers and Suppliers

Stop looking for the best payment processing options for roofers and suppliers to the industry. With the latest cutting-edge processing tools, whether you are in the residential roofing construction, commercial build-out, or supply the industry, you can make the right choice for your business.

TransAct has been working with independent roofers and large-scale commercial roofing contractors to streamline the payment process, improve collections (eliminating late payments), and add the newest digital tools to the tool belt, so to speak.

Residential Roofing Payment Options

Whether you are working directly with the homeowner to review pricing and collect a deposit in person, remotely handling the payment from the road, or setting up the “request to pay” in the office, you have options.

Contractors like you have been using new digital payment tools for contactless payment via text, e-checks, and automatic recurring billing for deposits, interim payments, and the final 10% bill. With the simple integration to TransAct’s back office, you can set up Text2Pay right from your phone, tablet, or computer in the office.

The best part of the new digital payment suite options is that it works for you and for the residential customer. Let them pay the way they want to pay and most often, there is a reduction in credit card fees because they can provide payment right from their bank account saving you both money and time.

Commercial Roofing Companies Using Digital Payments

Even large companies with huge projects can use digital payments with their clients. Whether they choose to pay their contract by e-check, EFT, or ACH, larger projects can be paid simply and quickly through integration with field management systems, QuickBooks, or other internal accounting systems.

Connecting to the back office software eliminates double entry of invoices and the payments received which helps reduce bookkeeping and accounting time. In addition, the revenue is received even faster. Setting up regular progress payments for larger projects is also done once, allowing the client to approve the payment, with the remainder of the billing processing done every month and on time.

We know, from our work with other roofing contractors like you, the time you save every day in the office or in the field reduces the need for back-office administration and frees the team up to do more productive and rewarding work. Talk to new clients about the services you have and the newest products you are planning to integrate into their project designs.

Selling Commercial Supplies to Roofers

In a 360 degree approach to the roofing industry, we realize that the suppliers who bring materials to both residential and commercial roofing contractors are critical to the industry growth. Increased demand makes supply management even more complicated than ever. We have created programs that work for suppliers to the industry, too.

Integrated tools for your supply house, creating automatic invoices, and triggering payments are essential to your business now more than ever.

Setting up the right connectivity to the back office inventory management system and initiating billing that allows the contractor to pay an invoice, before they even pick up materials, is a plus.

We have the option for digital payments, ACH or EFT, as well as our E-check program, all of which complete the payment suite for suppliers in the most cost-effective ways.

We always work one on one with our clients to develop the right processing suite for the business. Integrate the right tools for the job, reduce processing and monthly costs, as well as create more efficiency to streamline receipt of payments. Contact us now to schedule a free consult and we can review what you and your business need today.