Be True to Your Brand

Even if – or, especially if – you are part of a franchise system, you have worked a long time to develop your brand. It is so important to the image you put forth to your customers and clients. A couple of weeks ago, we worked with a client who wanted to have branded gift cards and wanted to make sure that they would work at both of her locations. She was tired of the old practice of issuing a gift certificate. She never knew exactly how many were sold and later redeemed nor who her customers were, or where they were located.

We set up the design of the card, using her brand, her messaging and what she wanted them to look like. Then, based on what she had redeemed as “Gift Certificates” on her point-of-sale in the last year we ordered a year’s supply of cards to get her started. When I delivered the cards to her, I showed her how to activate a card, actually buying the first one to use at an event for our raffle prize.

She had told me then that I didn’t have to do that, but the person who won it was so happy. They had always wanted to shop at her store and now they had the perfect reason!

Now, nearly a month later, she knows who has her cards as soon as they register it in case the card is lost. She is able to keep in touch with them to remind them of sales, promotions and special events in her store. When the holidays roll around, she may decide to buy more cards, but we will be in touch with her in the fall to help her plan for the busy gift giving season.

I can’t wait to find out what the raffle winner decided to buy – and I sure hope that they become a loyal customer of hers.

~ Mary Ann

PS if you want help developing your brand, just reach out – we know how to help!merchant