Back To School Again – 3 Keys to Success for Tutors

It is back to school again – 3 keys to success for tutors to help your students be prepared, confident and know they are not alone. Be sure to let parents know you are there for them, too.

How to do this? Well, we will share it with you. Keep reading!

We are right in the last few weeks of summer and while some areas of the country are back to school already, things continue to keep changing. What doesn’t change is the need students have for tutors to help them get ready for their new classes, adapt to their teachers, be successful on virtual platforms, be comfortable with technology and masks, and seeing their friends again. 

Whew. This is a lot.

Tutors are (as all tutors and tutoring center business owners know) a year-round business, but many think of your industry as being a part of the Back To School routine. Even if you took a mini-break for the summer, eased up on sessions, and had some students (or their parents) take a break, it is time to get ready. Do everything you can to be prepared for fall and your “busy season”.

Here are some quick suggestions for you.

Tutor Payment Processing & Scheduling Systems

Committing to using the right platforms and technology will help you and your team to better assist parents in managing the BTS transition. Here are the three things we recommend:

1) Scheduling platforms – simple systems with online management for parents

2) Text2Pay – shorten the process to collect payments and make it easier for a parent to pay from their car or the waiting room.

3) Digital Payments – manage auto-billing for recurring payments, e-mailed invoices, and pay by Q/R code.

While a scheduling system, Text2Pay, and digital payment options are just part of it, you are the ones who need to ease their concerns about schedule changes and re-budgeting the investment in their children.

In recent blogs, we have been talking about simple things that tech will do to help you improve your customer relationship. Many parents have told our clients that they love the auto-billing feature. They don’t have to worry about juggling the kids plus their personal and work schedules, and they never miss a payment.

Reminders: Simplify the check-in and check-out process with auto-scheduling, introduce text payments, and set up monthly recurring payments.

Want to learn more? Just schedule a quick 20-minute consultation. We are here to help you get ready for the fall school year too!