Payment Processing System for Audiologists

Our audiology clients enjoy the flexibility of our cost-effective option.

  • Their office has a chip-based card reader that protects the financials of the business operations.
  • Patients can process a payment with either a chip-based card or our contactless readers which are all-inclusive in one piece of hardware.
  • Chip card processing easily enables patients to receive an emailed receipt.
  • The office can easily go off-site to assist patients and still process payments with the same freedom and security of in-person payments in the office. One integrated solution that stores all the financial data regardless of the entry point.
  • The office then can automatically generate e-invoices for any outstanding balances that may be owed with a built-in payment link for 24/7 e-payments by the patient.
  • The office can help patients break down high deductible plans or outstanding balances by establishing manageable recurring payment terms that are set up in the system once, and then the system automatically follows the billing terms. The system provides the flexibility to accept the payment with a credit card or electronic check.

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