Are You Saving on Labor this Labor Day Weekend?

How are you saving on labor costs this Labor Day weekend?

We hope that you have made as many efficiency upgrades in your business over the course of the year and that “saving on labor” does not mean that you are closing in order to reduce payroll.

Think about this – when you close – you reduce revenue.

Let that sink in.

Often, the revenue reduction is far more than the labor costs to stay open. Even on what may be a slower than average weekend.

Instead, we recommend you make the most of technology, increase the staff efficiency and improve services to customers and clients that bring in even more revenue to you and your business. Even on a slower than average weekend.

Want ideas?

We are working…maybe just not every minute of the holiday weekend.

Of course, we hope that you have a chance to relax this Labor Day weekend. But…if you are thinking back in your head, reviewing the year so far and making plans for the last 4 months ahead, remember that we can help. Schedule a call today to discuss your plans, questions and needs for Q4 as summer comes to an end. (Then, you can go to the pool.)