Text to Pay Contactless Payments

Are You Ready to be Cashless?

Are you ready to be cashless? Many businesses have decided to eliminate the risk of collecting or accepting cash, choosing now to only accept payments from a digital wallet. This option can include payment via credit card, a wide variety of digital payments, e-Checks, or directly from smartphone apps and POS System connected features.

When you offer only “cashless” payment options, this can cover a variety of traditional and emerging payment processing tools that (of course) TransAct is able to offer to clients as part of their merchant services account.

Have you looked into Text2Pay and other digital payment options yet? Learn more about these today or schedule a call to discuss.

Regardless of whether you are in a retail or restaurant setting, have a professional or medical office, go to your customer’s homes for services or work remotely, you can make this move quickly and effortlessly with our assistance.

Text 2 Pay

TransAct offers text linking and text to pay options that allow the customer to initiate payment from their mobile device. Using in-person or other QR code signage, customers can be prompted to make payments for their products and services from their smartphone.

Learn more about Text 2 Pay here.

Digital Payments

Issuing an e-Invoice, requesting payment by e-Check, or touchless terminals with Apple Pay (or other authorized payment networks) are all in this category and reduce the need for cash to literally zero. No longer do you need to accept cash nor the risks that come with that. All digital payments can be set up to be completely contactless and effortless for you, your staff and your customers.

Of course, digital payments are also safe and secure when PCI guidelines are in place and followed, so there is no need to worry any longer.

Adding digital payment options reduces the risk of theft, eliminates mistakes in accepting cash and making change, while also removing the need for change reserves and making cash drops to the in-house safe or your bank.

Choose Contactless Payments

In keeping up with the latest trends for payment processing, our merchant services offerings continue to expand into the digital and cashless payment environment. Learn everything you need to know with our comprehensive training and onboarding support or via a one-on-one consultation to address your business needs.