Are you 30, 60 or 90?

We don’t want to ask your age. Just your billing age – are you 30, 60 or 90 days in your aging reports – when your customer, client or patient payments are OVER due? If you are experiencing more than 30 days in your typical payment cycle, then it might make sense to review the type of technology you are using to collect.

We can help you update or integrate credit cards while creating value added benefits such as gift cards and your own, unique loyalty program.

Recurring billing for service based businesses such as landscaping, tax preparation and even medical offices can be a better alternative with lower overhead in fees which is common with systems like Care Credit.

TransAct helps clients streamline payment processing with one simple account that can:

    • Process payments on your website
    • Process payments when you swipe Cards
    • Offer options for buying or renting equipment
    • Track multiple purchase orders – without manual efforts
    • Set up low monthly payment plans to help pay off large balances
    • Provide both breach and security coverage

So, we don’t really care how old you are, but you certainly shouldn’t get any older waiting for payments you are due. Have questions, please ask – and don’t wait any more.

~ Mary Ann