Finding the right POS System

Alternatives to the 3 Trendy POS Systems

In our experience, trendy is not always the best; especially when it comes to your business or your POS System. In the spirit of being a trusted consultant to so many of our clients, we work to share the best of the best. This includes providing advice, counsel and alternatives to the 3 trendy POS Systems on the market today.

All of the POS Systems we recommend are not only efficient, saving you and your team time, but they also save money and are inherently PCI compliant. Combined with your TransAct merchant services account, using these systems can help to eliminate unnecessary fees, reduce risks to the business, better serve customers and assist business owners in retaining more income.

How to Choose the Right POS System

When we talk about the 3 trendy systems, we mean Square, PayPal and Shopify. Collectively they have spent millions of dollars to get recognized as an easy to implement or “free” to install POS System. What we have found however – as our clients have turned to us for a replacement system – is that these systems tend to be temporary solutions. We have found they ultimately lead to higher costs in overhead expenses, have limited or eliminated accessibility to important customer data, and added unnecessary fees due to non-compliance with the PCI industry standards.

Combine Online and In Person Processing

You can easily combine the POS System you use for in person transactions and the one you use for online. No need for two different systems. In fact, you should not use two different systems…

Did you know you can’t have two merchant systems in one business? If you have an in-house POS System with one merchant account and a different processing account for online transactions, you could be non-compliant with regard to the PCI requirements. In addition, you are probably spending too much on credit card processing!

Inexpensive POS Systems

When it comes to POS Systems, the more robust the better and this does not mean more expense. Often it is the opposite. Choosing a POS System that is tailored to the business, improves data available, allows for important KPI reporting and streamlines business operations. The right POS System can be used to enhance customer loyalty, track inventory, communicate with customers, offer client/team member scheduling tools, plus integration with QuickBooks for efficient bookkeeping and accounting.

To learn more about the right systems for you and your business, contact us today. We can help integrate a wide variety of systems that are just right for your business, no matter what industry you’re in: service, professional, trades, seasonal, retail or restaurant. Don’t settle for one size fits all without all of the tools and capabilities you need; and don’t pay more than you need to pay for the right POS System.

Schedule a quick demo to see a variety of POS System demos that are just right for your business, your needs and your budget.

P.S. Ask us about how to avoid the new quarterly fees that TSYS has added in 2020 for PCI non-compliance.