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Afraid of Chargeback?

Almost “Out of Business” to $1 million in revenue – in ONE YEAR! — Credit Card Payment Processing Best Practices are important to protecting businesses!

Before he was our client, Business Bob* utilized a national payment processor for his credit card payments. As a realtively new business owner Bob was never educated on some of the “best practice” guidelines he should follow when accepting payments over the phone. Bob’s business model was 99% based on credit card payment processing, the acceptance of those payments and the proper deposit of those payments. Bob quickly came to realize that the lack of Best Practices relative to data collection and response to inquiries was quickly bringing his business to a halt.

The turnaround: Bob was referred to TransAct. We worked with Bob and reconfigured his payment processing, instituted best practices and payment processing guidelines. We are happy to report, that in just one year, Bob’s business has gone from almost “Out of Business” to producing over a $1 million in revenue! TransAct had the expertise to configure the best payment processing solution for the business and to have our staff personally interact with Bob’s to bring about the turnaround.

An important part of the TransAct difference is our training, reviews and recommendations on payment processing policies and procedures that can impact both the top and bottom line of every business.

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*Name changed to protect identity