Credit Card Processing for Ophthamologists

5 Ways Electronic Payments Can Help Your Business

Here is a quick reminder on 5 Ways Electronic Payments Can Help Your Business to serve the needs of your clients, customers and patients to continue bringing in revenues.

1. Allow contactless payments via credit card, EFT or e-Check.

2. Eliminate the need for clients to send a paper check.

3. Reduce time, not just eliminating the need to make physical deposits, but also waiting for checks to clear.

4. E-mail or text for secure payment prior to service.

5. Allow payment processing that is convenient for the clients. For example, in the treatment room for medical treatments, whether the parent is paying for their child, reduce office staff efforts, or on site when a tech is performing a service for a home-based customer.

There are other digital options to consider.

Advantages of Electronic Payments for Businesses

Seamless and simple.

Integration with QuickBooks to eliminate errors and save on bookkeeping expenses.

Reduce time.

Eliminate non-payment issues – if payment is declined, the service can be delayed until payment is made.

Allow service providers, technicians, and medical professionals to focus on the client or patient while the office manages the payment.

Set up recurring, automatic and budgeted monthly payments.

Types of Electronic Payments

  • e-Checks
  • e-Invoice
  • EFT
  • secure click to pay links
  • pay by text
  • pay by e-mail
  • Q/R code scan to pay
  • and more…

Features of Electronic Payment Systems

We offer our clients a secure, customized payment portals and going beyond the basic credit card terminal and in person brick and mortar POS systems to allow adaptation, offering options for payments and collecting revenues.

  • Your payment system is PCI compliant and easy to use.
  • Allow e-mail to clients to click to pay advance of service.
  • Automatic billing.
  • Online acceptance of corrected expiration dates and new CVV codes when credit cards change.
  • Advance agreement of payment terms, set up auto billing, and/or set up of a recurring payment plan.

The options are easily adaptable to your business, the way you work and how your staff is authorized to accept payments.

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