TransAct POS System

Adding or Upgrading Your Point-of-Sale Can Be Easy

Adding or upgrading your Point-of-Sale can be easy for a business owner if you have the right information to consider your options. Point-of-Sale is more commonly referred to as the POS or a POS System.

You probably already know that business owners who have an integrated point-of-sale and payment system save time and effort in managing their businesses. But are they fully utilizing the system and its features? OR just a few they are comfortable with?

The systems we recommend for our clients comes after we establish an outline of what they are looking for and the functions they are trying to automate. The systems we recommend for our clients can all be integrated into QuickBooks so that all of the critical transactional data can be easily managed, reviewed and enable better decision making in real time.

No matter what type of business you own, retail, home services, restaurant, seasonal, Café or professional consulting there are a wide variety of systems that can be set up using hardware you may already own, leasing or buying new equipment. Equipment and systems that we have worked with in the past include cloud based like Lightspeed and Shopkeep, traditional restaurant systems like Aloha, Micros and cloud-based systems like Revel and so many more.

If you have questions, please get in touch with us and one of our team members can help answer your questions, assess your requirements and help you to evaluate the right system for your business.

~ Mary Ann