Added Value of Your Customer Loyalty

What is the added value of your customer loyalty? Is it 10%, 40% or 80%?

There is a numerical percentage, a value and thus a dollar amount that you can place on repeat business. Do you know what portion of your business is made up of the repeat visitors, customers and clients? When we phrase it this way, you might know the answer, but many business owners do not really know and honestly, it isn’t your fault.

So, if you don’t know the answer, but you think it is something that you want to know, rest assured, it isn’t that hard to find out. Really.

Every day we help business owners evaluate, assess and learn about systems that can help provide the right information for their business, no matter what type of business they own.  Recently, we have helped several clients transition off of Square. They didn’t know that when their business processed transactions on Square, their customer info was being shared in the system wide database.  Customers returned and complained to them that they didn’t know they were authorizing their e-mail, phone or name to be part of the Square data.

Looking back now, they understand that the lower entry cost of setting up Square was not in the best interests of their customers, let alone their business. After all, as a business owner they were the one taking the time to obtain the e-mail information not the other retailers, restaurants or service providers; why should their competitor gain that valuable information?

With new technology coming to the forefront, you and your business cannot afford to rely on a POS system like that.   From restaurants, to hotels, professional and construction related services, to retail and online businesses, an asset driving, revenue enhancing Point-of-sale or POS can help a business work more effectively.

We know that business owners have a shortage of time, that is why we make it easy to set up and start working with a new platform – one where you can control the data – and add value to your business.

All you need is a 20-minute phone call to gain insight and information that is invaluable to your future growth. Learn more about the right systems and POS that can help you drive more customers back to your business, and helping you evaluate the true benefit of customer loyalty to your company.

~ Mary Ann