A Turn-Around Story

I am pretty excited to share this with you today.

In the last year, we had the opportunity to work with a business that was struggling and considering closing its doors. The owner was having trouble covering expenses due to collections issues and rising processing fees from a national payment processor.  Based on a referral from mutual colleague, we stepped in to review the business areas that were inhibiting their ability to grow and prosper.  After careful review and conversations with the owner we believed that we could help.

Our custom-tailored proposal offered our potential client an online payment portal, e-check invoicing and QuickBooks® integration without adding new equipment. Additionally, there was a commitment from us that the fees would decline as we learned more about how their business cycles worked. They would have a dedicated and direct company team member to work with, and no setup fees, monthly minimums or contract.

This gave our client the confidence to make a change.

He said to me, “What can it hurt? I only have a few more months left at this rate and I don’t want to fail.”

I am so happy to say that just about one year later, his business revenues have topped $1 million and his business is growing with happier customers, easier payment collection methods and payment policies that go right to the bottom line.

This is a turn-around story that we are ready to share, because I have spoken to too many people who thought it was too late… The question is, why settle for something that seems to be working or wait for things to get bad before you start considering and making changed to  your own business for the better.

~ Mary Ann

PS Our client has continued to refer us new business because of our expertise, training and support. Let us help you, too.