A Service Provider Who Has Your Back

Are you looking for a service provider who has your back? One who will help you and go above and beyond? We do too and believe that TransAct clients deserve more, while (still) getting competitive pricing for payment processing.

With our concierge approach to merchant services, we are hands-on, consultative and support clients with onboarding, training and live help desk to troubleshoot, solve problems and resolve issues when they occur.

Recently (here at TransAct) we experienced a major outage from our telephone provider…not only were they unable to help quickly, they really didn’t seem to even care that one of our primary means of communications (which was also imprinted, digitally and on paper, all over our collateral marketing materials) was down.

We did what we had to do. We scrambled, made some quick changes (with the help of other very reliable support system providers) and were back up and running. Now, we are with an entirely different telecom host. We couldn’t wait more than a month for them to resolve their issues. Our clients need us and when they need us, money is on the line.

We know what it takes. We understand how it feels to be disappointed and we realize that time is money. More than ever, every bit matters. More.

So, we provide more.

On Demand Support and Live Help Desk

  • More telephone support.
  • More e-mail support.
  • More chargeback support.
  • More training support.
  • More onboarding support.
  • More hardware support.
  • More connectivity support.
  • More services support.

Plus, we offer more options to issue invoices and get paid quickly.

Digital and Traditional Payment Processes

  • Text to pay.
  • E-mail to pay.
  • Click here to pay.
  • QR code scan to pay.
  • Online portal for customers to pay.
  • Mobile hardware/software for clients to pay.
  • Hands-free, contactless, device tools for customers to pay.
  • Simple, recurring, auto billing for repeat service clients to pay.

Concierge Merchant Services

In the beginning, when we were developing our service model, we knew we wanted to be different and provide more to our clients. If you are looking for payment processing systems, tools, support as well as guidance on POS systems, financial processes and ways to retain more of your revenues, TransAct has your back.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

We serve more than just small and medium sized businesses, too.

We have helped all industries, from retail and restaurants to franchises and independent owners. Some of our clients are in the service-based field trades, office-based, medical and health professionals, as well as education and professional advisors. Seasonal businesses including accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers also find we can help them be more efficient and add value to their clients by referring our services to save money on unnecessary fees and expenses.

We Have Your Back

Schedule a one-on-one call today to talk about the merchant services you and your business need to succeed. No question you have is worth leaving unasked. Let us know what you have in mind.